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If The Huffington Post And ‘The Stylist’ Think These Are Plus Sized Models, Society Is Doomed

These are very, obviously, totally, completely, unmistakably NOT plus sized models.

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Russian Motorcyclist Throws Garbage Back At Cars Littering (WATCH)

One Russian motorcyclist had finally had enough of littering in her streets, and took matters into her own hands on video.

Scruff Founder Offers Public Apology For Facebook Post While Dodging Privacy Concerns

Johnny Skandros the founder of the gay social app Scruff offered a public apology that failed to address any of the security and privacy concerns Scruff users have been demanding.

Founder Of Scruff Gay Social App Publicly Shames Customer On Facebook For Not Accepting Dinner Invitation

Johnny Skandros, the founder of the gay social app Scruff, used Facebook to publicly shame a customer who did not reply to a dinner invitation.

Drunk Student Froshers Use Street Crawl To Trash Montreal Residential Area With Beer Cans And Vomit

Montreal students shotgunned beer through plastic horns, littered streets with beer cans, and vomited on just about everything in Montreal’s Plateau residential district during a frosh activity.

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Is BACK With A Hilarious Parody Of ‘Royals’ By Lorde (VIDEO)

Thanks to ‘Weird Al’ you will never look at left overs, tin foil hats, or Lorde the same way ever again as his new album ‘Mandatory Fun’ gets ready to drop.

An Assault Happened After Two Women Asked The Wrong Guy To Help Them Steal A Canopy (VIDEO)

Two Florida women intent on robbing a family blind at the beach ended up asking the wrong person to help them do it. The owner.

Somebody Was Bound To Fly A Drone With A GoPro Through Fireworks (VIDEO)

It was only a matter of time until someone with the nerve to put a drone and and a GoPro to the ultimate test flew them both straight into the middle of a fireworks show.

West Africa Is Being Hit By An Ebola Epidemic That May Reach North America

With the propensity of the human desire to travel amok, this Ebola outbreak should not be considered just an “African problem.”

Look At What Happened When Bespoke Post Tried To Email Phish Canadians On Facebook

As one Facebook user wrote to Bespoke Post: Looks like you dudes are going to have to change your MO. Show first, email later. Good luck.

When Did #runlikeagirl Become An Insult? (Video)

A new ad by the Always tampon company is turning the phrase “like a girl”on its head with a powerful and stunning new campaign.

This Video Of A Cat Running Into A Glass Door Is A Cat Video Everyone Can Enjoy

There is now a cat video that everyone on the internet can enjoy – once you watch it, you’ll understand why.

Watch This Millennial Get A Selfie Safety Lesson In The Face From A Baby Boomer

Taking a selfie in front of a train got this young millennial a boot right up side the head by the baby boomer conductor, most likely, saving his life.

24 People Applied For The #WorldsToughestJob And The Interview Left Some In Tears

They thought they were applying for a Director of Operations Job, what they found out in the end brought some of these job applicants to tears – #worldstoughestjob

This New Photo Of A ‘Black Ring’ UFO Is Completely Out Of This World

A 16-year-old in the UK has become the latest in a very short line of people to have captured what is known as a ‘black ring’ UFO on camera, that has left authorities… Continue reading