So Apparently All The Cool Kids These Days Are Snorting Condoms?


So first there was the “try and drink and drink gallon of milk without puking” challenge, which was followed up by the “try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon” challenge and now, sweet tap dancing Christ is the newest craze:  The “condom snorting” challenge.

Youtube.  WAT R U DOING?  Youtube. STAHP!

The first question I have besides being “who the in their right mind even though of this” is the more pressing question of “who in their ever-loving mind even thought of TRYING this when they heard about it” when I saw my very first condom snorting video.

The premise is simple.  Turn on your flip cam or your computer camera, remove a condom from its packaging, place the tip inside a nostril and then snort that prophylactic mother fucker so far up into your nasal cavity that you can reach into the back of your throat and pull it out.

I kid you fucking not.  This is a thing kids are doing these days, and they’re getting tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube to do so.  I know it makes me sound like some old man to say this, but, where in the hell are all these kids parents when they’re doing this?

Here’s just one of tomorrow’s shining stars selling out his dignity for a fleeting moment of Internet fame.  SMH.

What in the hell is wrong with kids these days?  What do you think of condom snorting?  Leave a comment below and let me know I am not alone as I think “WTF” when seeing all these kids with Trojans in their heads.

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