So, Dayna Morales Lied About The Whole Homophobic Note And No Tip Thing?


An openly gay waitress in New Jersey who set off a social media firestorm after she claimed a couple stiffed her on a tip and left her a homophobic message is having her credibility and upsetting story rebuked by the very people she claims victimized her.

Openly gay ex-Marine and waitress Dayna Morales made a post on Facebook this November that she claimed contained a homophobic message and zero tip from a couple who she had waited on.

“Sorry, I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and the way you live your life,’ the comment read on the bill, and sported a line in the credit card slip where a tip should go.  The post garnered world wide attention, and caused many LGBT advocates on social media to set up a donation fund that raised thousands of dollars for the openly gay woman.

Although the couple was never identified publicly, when news of the story got back to them and they compared their copy of the bill to the one they saw on TV they felt compelled to come forward to set the record straight.  In short, not only do they claim that they tipped Dayna Morales $18.00 on the $93.55 check, but that they did not leave the offensive message whatsoever and that the handwriting is a complete forgery.

The couple, who asked that their identities not be released, not only produced a copy of their check that includes the $18.00 tip, but also supplied a credit card statement to NBC News 4 that shows they were charged $111.55 for their meal.  That total includes not only the cost of the meal, but the $18.00 tip Dayna Morales says she was shorted.

“We’re the most tolerant people,” the female patron said in an interview with NBC News 4 “we don’t care what you do in your life if you’re a good person.”

Copies of the check, both the one Morales produced and the one the couple produced, have the exact same time stamp but with different totals shown on them.  A credit card statement produced by the couple shows a charge for $111.55 on their Visa, a discrepancy that puzzled even the manager of the Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant where Morales works.

The homophobic message that was left on the bill that Morales posted to social media, is something that the couple says they never wrote.

“I said, ‘Oh my God” they’ve, she’s doctored up our check,’ the accused woman told NBC News 4.

When asked by an NBC News 4 reporter whether or not she doctored the check, Dayna Morales simply stated “That’s not my handwriting, I don’t know.”

The Gallop Asian Bistro released a statement that says they are aware of the allegations being made against Dayna Morales, but have no comment at this time pending an internal investigation.  The couple who was accused of both leaving the homophobic message and not tipping Morales do have something to say however.

“There’s enough hate and intolerance in the world, that to create it when it wasn’t there is shameful and dishonorable,” the accused woman said.

And as for the thousands of dollars that were donated to Morales after the incident, she says that she plans on donating all of the money to the Wounded Warrior Project.

This article originally appeared on the Liberals Unite website.