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Twas The Night Before ‘The Interview’

Twas the night before The Interview, and all through the house, the Internet was working, in the Korean South.

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Is BACK With A Hilarious Parody Of ‘Royals’ By Lorde (VIDEO)

Thanks to ‘Weird Al’ you will never look at left overs, tin foil hats, or Lorde the same way ever again as his new album ‘Mandatory Fun’ gets ready to drop.

Dogs Reacting To Magic Tricks Is The Funniest Video You Will See All Day

Magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen decided it was time for some of his four-legged friends to get in on the fun of his magic act, so with the help of a few good-humoured… Continue reading

So, It Took A Canadian To End The Whole Fake Snow Debate, SCIENCE PREVAILS!

Take it from me, a Canadian, who KNOWS snow: You all had some freak weather, it’s not a government, illuminati, HARRP, chem trail conspiracy. It’s just snow.

Watch CNN Reporter With ‘Contact High’ Giggle Her Way Through Story on Colorado Pot Laws (Video)

Last week CNN reporter Randi Kaye got a little more than she bargained for while covering Colorado’s new pot laws, and the booming tourism industry exploding within the state.

(VIDEO) For Your Holiday Enjoyment – A Bunch Of Santas Kicking The Crap Out Of Each Other

Tis the season to be brawly! Or so this half-dozen drunken fighting Santa Claus wannabes showed us yesterday at this year’s New York SantaCon.

This Is The Kind Of Condom Commercial That Gets You Banned In Australia

Take a look at the video and see for yourself what got the censors hot under the collar with the “Get Naked” Four Seasons Condom ad.

The Ultimate Drunk Thanksgiving Survival Guide – American Edition

The only way you’re going to make it through Thanksgiving in stride is with this ultimate drunk Thanksgiving survival guide. Drink up. Be merry. Survive.

When You See What’s Wrong With This Little Girl, You’ll Know It

There’s something very wrong with the little girl in the photo. Once you see it, you’ll know it.

Sponsored Video: Quite Possibly The Best Vine Video In History Of A Lady Freaking Out In Public

She was told by Apple Care that she could walk into a store and get support …

News Station Fires Anchor On His First Day For Saying “F*cking Sh*t” On Air

How to lose your job in less than two seconds in 5, 4, 3, 2 … F*cking Sh*t

So Apparently All The Cool Kids These Days Are Snorting Condoms?

I kid you fucking not. This is a thing kids are doing these days. SMH.

The One Snack Food That You Should Run Like The Ever Loving Wind From

Run, do walk, and get as far away from this one snack food as you possibly can.

Does This Potato Look Like Elvis Presley, Conan O’Brien Or Jay Leno?

Does this potato look more like Elvis Presley, Conan O’Brien or Jay Leno? You decide.

The Shocking Truth About A Woman’s Period You Never Knew

It took only one Facebook user on a mission for all mankind to unveil the truth about that special time of the month for women around the world.