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So, It Took A Canadian To End The Whole Fake Snow Debate, SCIENCE PREVAILS!

Take it from me, a Canadian, who KNOWS snow: You all had some freak weather, it’s not a government, illuminati, HARRP, chem trail conspiracy. It’s just snow.

Coca-Cola’s Greed-Fuelled Support of LGBT Violence in Russia Summed Up in One POWERFUL Video

VIA AATTP – As companies like Coca-Cola scramble to find moral justification, ANY moral justification to continue their support of the Sochi 2014 Olympics in Russia, it’s videos like the one released by… Continue reading

Trans Woman Shatters Anti-Gay Bigot’s Bill, Dares Him to Stone Her to Death (Video)

You do not see a video like this every day, because quite frankly, there are not many people in this world with the stones big enough to do what one Louisiana trans woman did to protect the rights and freedoms of LGBT people in the city Shreveport.

US Conservatives in Full-Blown Freak-Out Mode Over Obama Spending Christmas with Troops, Not at Church

Instead of going to church on Christmas day, Obama had the unpatriotic AUDACITY to think that it was even REMOTELY appropriate to spend the day with over 500 troops.

Fire Up The #cdnpoli And #topoli Hashtags – Rob Ford Has Some Serious Competition For ‘Mayor Of The Year’

Move over Mayor Rob Ford, we’d like to introduce you to Mayor Gordon Jenkins, your contender for the title of “Mayor of the Year”.

The Look On Reporter Katie Simpson’s Face After Rob Ford’s Vulgar Comments Is Priceless

It takes a lot to shock most reporters, but for Katie Simpson of CP24, Rob Ford’s live on air comments about “eating pussy” were enough to capture this priceless moment of her amazement.

California State Assembly Candidate Attempts Internet White Wash

The race for a seat in the California State Assembly’s 60th district is coming apart at the seams for one Democratic candidate.

Teen California State Assembly Candidate Puts On Ruby Slippers

California State Assembly Democratic candidate Jacob Daruvala may have swung too far to the right in a Facebook post on a woman’s right to choose.

Minneapolis Mayoral Race Spawns The Most Bizarre Ad Ever

Jeff Wagner wants you to “Wake the F**K Up” Minneapolis.

Another Group Stands Up Against The Salvation Army’s Anti LGBT Agenda

The editorial board for western Canada’s largest student newspaper has blocked advertisements from The Salvation Army due to the religious organization’s anti LGBT policies.

Woman Has Complete Epic Meltdown Over Obama Win (VIDEO)

She had a complete and total epic breakdown fuelled on by butterscotch Schnapps and beer chasers that has more expletives and outbursts than Christmas dinner with the Osbournes.

Michael Moore Offering To Call Non Voters In The US

Do you have a friend who hasn’t voted? Michael Moore wants their number so he can phone them and encourage them to hit the polls!

So Meat Loaf Performed At A Mitt Romney Event And Then This Happened

“I would do anything for Meat Loaf, but I won’t do that.”

Anonymous Website Promises Huge October Surprise In Presidential Race

An anonymous website claims it has 6 devastating documents that will reveal a secret by either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama ahead of the final presidential debate.

How Joe Biden Made One Teenager’s Day (PHOTO)

I had this impulse to hug him, so I did. And I cried. I think I even got tears on the Vice President’s suit jacket!