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Canada Dry Salutes ‘Modern Families’ With Photo That Excludes Gay Couples

If Canada Dry doesn’t recognize gay couples as “modern” then what the hell is a “modern family”?

Look At What Happened When Bespoke Post Tried To Email Phish Canadians On Facebook

As one Facebook user wrote to Bespoke Post: Looks like you dudes are going to have to change your MO. Show first, email later. Good luck.

This One Photo Might Make You Support The Cuts To Canada Post

This is the typical weekly dump of fliers that every household with a mailbox in Ottawa receives without asking for it.  Go ahead and count.  That’s 41 paper fliers that will go directly… Continue reading

Oh, Canada! Canuck Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-Prostitution Laws!

The ruling has not opened the doors to a complete free-for-all in the country though, as the Canadian Supreme Court has given the government a one year reprieve to draft new legislation that falls in line with the decision.

Dead Raped Teen’s Photos Featured In Dating Ads On Facebook

After being gang raped, bullied for nearly two years after and then taking her own life, photos of the now dead teen were used in dating ads on Facebook.

New Street Drug 40 Times Stronger Than Heroin Found In Canadian Drug Raid

The new drug has been chemically modified to be 40 times stronger than heroin and 80 times stronger than morphine.

This is Marvin Lapointe. He Lives In Montreal. He Works For The STM. He Likes To Beat Up Old Men.

So you think it’s fun to post videos of you beating up a homeless man Mr. Marvin Lapointe? Think again.

An Open Letter From Canada To Shepard Smith: We Promise We’ll Do Better Next Time, Buddy

We were so caught up in capturing suspected Al Qaeda operatives planning to bomb an Amtrak train that we dropped the ball and exposed your viewers to another language other than English.

Man Who Tortured Kitten On Cell Phone Video Arrested

Given the severity of the video, and the injuries inflicted, it was the opinion of the SPCA that kitten likely did not survive.

The Real Cost Of Tuition In Quebec (SPOILER ALERT)

An eye opening accounting of the real cost of education in Quebec.

Amateur Husky Rescue In Canada Kills Puppies During Rescue

According to a post made by group administrator Gini Green on the Operation Sled Dogs Facebook page an eight week old puppy died during transport.

News Articles Detailing Proposed Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill Disappear From Web

At least three articles informing Canadians about the proposed “Bill C-51” more formally called the “Lawful Access” law have suddenly been taken down from Canadian news sites. The proposed bill will allow the… Continue reading