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News Station Fires Anchor On His First Day For Saying “F*cking Sh*t” On Air

How to lose your job in less than two seconds in 5, 4, 3, 2 … F*cking Sh*t

Did Perez Hilton Just Plagiarize A Golden Globe Article From BuzzFeed?

Did anyone else notice Perez Hilton ripping off content from BuzzFeed last night after the Golden Globe Awards?

Does This Potato Look Like Elvis Presley, Conan O’Brien Or Jay Leno?

Does this potato look more like Elvis Presley, Conan O’Brien or Jay Leno? You decide.

Watch This Video If You Never Want To Sleep Again (WTF)

What do Whitney Houston, zombies, the Exorcist and creepy babies all have in common? If you never want to sleep again, then just watch this video to find out.

Gawker Website Labels Children’s 9/11 Art “Hilarious”

Gawker has offended pretty much everyone in the United States today for trying to draw humour out of the 9/11 attacks.

Joan Rivers Makes Anti Semitic Joke At Expense Of Teenage Olympian

It goes without saying that Rivers was obviously digging up one of the oldest stereotypes used against Jewish people that anyone can find.

Father Gets “Born This Way” Tattoo In Support Of Son (VIDEO)

For many LGBTQ kids it takes a lot of courage to come out to their families, especially when one or more of their parents can be best described as “traditional” or “old school”… Continue reading

Here’s one way to shut Miley Cyrus up …

The answer seems to have come in the form of a very large and very black penis cake bought for her boyfriend’s birthday bash that both TMZ and Gawker¬†have jumped on like “Oprah… Continue reading