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How Many Memes Can You Spot In “The Internet” Poster?

How many of the memes in this awesome poster can you name?

Your Facebook Timeline Could Be Displaying Your Private Chats

Run, do not walk, and immediately check your timeline, because all of those private messages you’ve been sending since you joined Facebook could now be visible for the whole world to see.

Facebook Kicks Off New “Facebook Stories” With Powerful Video

Over 27 years of experiences, friendships, deeds and dreams were gone almost overnight.

Is Google Maps Showing Two Dead Bodies?

The photos of a woman falling down in Brazil as the Google Maps mobile drove by snapping shots for their online service had people around the world chuckling under their breath, but new… Continue reading

Amazing Optical Illusion – One Man, Two Faces

Take a good look at the photo below.  There are two faces in it, and depending on whether you are left brained or right brained one will be easier to see than the… Continue reading

Father Puts Nine Bullets Through Daughter’s Laptop For Nasty Facebook Post About Him

It wasn’t the first time his daughter shot her mouth off on Facebook about him – but this might definitely be the last.  Is this the new age of cyber parenting mixed up… Continue reading

How Computers Have Changed Everything

                                                        Aaaah, the good old days.… Continue reading

Social Media Explained – Donuts Rejoice

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how social media works, what it is and why it’s often more confusing than setting the clock on your Blu-Ray player, all that ends today.  Twitter, Facebook, Four… Continue reading

Move Over Trenta – Is Starbucks on the Verge of the Cento or the Mille?

We all know that coffee sizes have bordered on the absurd lately with Starbucks introducing the Trenta, a 30 ounce cup that can hold an entire bottle of wine if that’s how you… Continue reading

6-Year-Old Boy Accused of Sexual Assault While Playing Tag At School

Hercules, California – An innocent brush of a leg during a game of tag landed one California boy with charges of sexual battery, a suspension from school and a mark on his permanent… Continue reading

What’s Wrong With This Picture

Unlike the Facebook Mind Fuck, this photo will have you laughing, rather than jumping out of your seat when you spot what’s wrong. No one is sure whether they’re doing the YMCA, the… Continue reading

LulzSec launches post South Carolina primary trolling attack on Newt Gingrich Facebook page

Newt Gingrich surged from behind Saturday in the Republican South Carolina primary and pulled out a win against former front runner Mitt Romney, prompting the online hacktivist group LulzSec to celebrate with a… Continue reading

When you see it … you’ll know it

Take a really good look at the picture below and discover why tens of thousands of people are having a “Mind Fuck” on Facebook. Once you find it, pass the article on. Follow… Continue reading

So this just happened … Bed, Bath and Beyond is selling radioactive tissue dispensers

While entertainment executives were given a bloody nose yesterday by the online community over the SOPA debate, unsuspecting shoppers at Bed, Bath and Beyond were players in a possible real life plot to… Continue reading

Lamar Smith, the author of SOPA, breaks copyright law on campaign website and becomes a pirate too

On the same day that Wikipedia turned off their lights for 24 hours to protest the proposed “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA as it is better known, the very politician who wrote… Continue reading