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This Emotional New Guinness Ad Has Just Won The Internet (VIDEO)

This Guinness ad will permanently change the way you look at beer commercials from this day on.

Turkmenistan Basically Shuts Off The Internet So No One Will See This Video (VIDEO)

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan doesn’t want you or his people to see this video. That’s why you need to watch it. No seriously, it’s good.

Amanda Bynes Is Like, So Going To Sue You, For Real

Stop it bloggers! Stop reporting the news. She’s Serious.

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast 2012 In Review

A look back at 2012 for the Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast website.

HumaneWatch.org Releases Full Page Attack Against Michael Vick – Vick Is Not Amused

Not surprisingly, Michael Vick is not amused. He’ll have to forgive animal lovers, if his protests fall on deaf ears.

Howard Stern Attacks Michael Vick For Owning New Dog

Howard Stern had harsh words for Michael Vick and his decision to adopt a new dog after his conviction for dog fighting and animal abuse.

Does Michael Vick Have A New Dog? (PHOTO)

A tweet sent out by Michael Vick on his Twitter account on October 4th, has animal advocates asking, does Michael Vick have a new dog?

“Super Embarrassing” Typo On School Banner (OOPS)

Look carefully, because when you see it, you’ll know it.

The Newest “Shocking” Extreme Sport – Tazer Ball

If you ask the LA Nightlife, the Philadelphia Killawatts, the Toronto Terror or the San Diego Spartans where the future of extreme sports is headed be prepared to have to pick yourself up… Continue reading